In addition to the many projects executed by our highly experienced staff, we have performed the following jobs, just from the establishment of our company.


Basic Engineering of Acrylonitrile plant
Detailed Engineering of Acrylonitrile plant
Basic Engineering of Acetonitrile plant
Basic Engineering of Ammonium sulfate plant
Basic Engineering of Auxiliaries and Off-sites ofAcrylonitrile project

Conceptual Design:

Propylene transportation from Abadan Refinery to PETZONE
Propylene storage of Acrylonitrile project
Ammonia storage of Acrylonitrile project
Waste water treatment unit of Acrylonitrile project
Absorbers of Acrylonitrile project
Acrylonitrile Plant optimum capacity
Waste water treatment unit of JPC complex
Flare system of JPC complex

Feasibility Studies:

UFC 85
Methyl methacrylate
Poly methyl methacrylate

Environmental Engineering :

The quality of our environment does much to affect our wellbeing: a cleaner, pollution free environment is healthier, safer and more pleasant. Environmental protection provides excellent opportunity to have a better environment quality and preserves it for our next generations. The Department of Environmental Engineering of Petro Pala Gas Company is responsible for the environmental protection engineering, dealing with the reduction of pollutants and treatment of gaseous, liquid and solid effluents, to the stringent rules and highest standards. Petro Pala Gas Co. offers safe and cost-effective solutions for all of your hazardous waste streams. We offer the widest range of hazardous waste disposal and treatment options to ensure providing you with the best options for your specific needs. In order to safely and effectively treat the wastes, Petro Pala Gas Co. has pioneered stringent waste handling procedures that surpass regulatory requirements. Our concerns toward environmental issues demonstrates our commitment to providing quality environmental services that exceed customer expectations, protect the environment, ensure safety and maintain compliance with regulatory standards. Petro Pala Gas Co's advanced treatment technologies, expert service and superior safety practices are unmatched in the waste treatment industry.


NGL projects :

In addition to our capabilities in performing of the engineering, procurement and construction works of oil, and petrochemical projects, Petro Pala Gas Co. is in a position to perform engineering, procurement and construction works of NGL (natural gas liquefaction) projects. In order to boost our strength in this field, we have entered into a partnership contract with NGLTech sdn. bhd., one of the most renowned companies in this field. NGL projects can be handled smoothly, by employing state of art design, procurement and construction works by our consortium, from A to Z.


Intelligent Pigging:

We have been qualified by Pipelines & Communications company (affiliate company of NIOC) ,for participation in their cross country pipelines pigging project.
Intelligent pigs are used extensively for inspecting pipelines. Their use is increasing rapidly, thanks to their proven benefits, expanding capabilities, and legislative requirements. To provide a proper response to the high local demand for in-line inspection, Petro Pala Gas Co. has set partnership with world renowned companies such as Tech-so srl from Italy. In this sense our company is in a position to perform in-line inspection by employing intelligent pigs, no matter the size and the length. The result of an intelligent pig inspection is an inspection report with a list of defects. To gain the full benefit from an inspection the client (pipeline operator) must understand the inspection process, and what the list of defects means for the immediate and the future integrity and maintenance of the pipeline. Running an intelligent pig in a pipeline is a significant project with potential safety and operational implications. Any pigging operation should be carefully planned to ensure that the correct tool is used, that appropriate pipeline cleaning is carried out, the pig will not get stuck, contingency measures are in place to locate and remove a stuck pig, and that safe procedures for pig launching, receiving, and handling are followed.