Telelift Products


MultiCar for flexible material handling in the industry MultiCar is the "big brother" of the UniCar and transports goods of higher payloads. Its low construction height allows for space-saving installation solutions. The system transports horizontally, vertically, and horizontally overhead. The vehicles are equipped with forward and rear drive. The technology is configured for simple and complex industrial applications. It is popular in modern libraries and hospitals thanks to its low-noise operation.



UniCar for hospital logistics The UniCar is the perfect solution for fast and reliable transport between operating rooms, pharmacies, laboratories, storage areas and wards in hospitals. Logistics of medicines and medical supplies Logistics of intravenous drugs Logistics of blood samples and laboratory samples Processing of patient records and documents transport of sterile goods and surgical instruments



Transporting and sorting with UniSortCar UniSortCar is the newest system in the Telelift product family. It was primarily designed for use in modern libraries. UniSortCar makes itself useful as a system for transporting individual books. At the same time, it can be used as a sorting system from the automated book drop-off station to the open access and repository areas. Using this transport system saves time and increases the books’ availability to the users.